Why You Should Hand Wash Your Car

Owning a vehicle is, without a doubt, convenient. However, cars are more than just a way for people to get from point A to point B. They are an essential part of everyday life and even reflect your personality and interests. People buy sunshades to protect their vehicle’s dashboard, seats cover to protect the upholstery,

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Best car cleaning products

Freshen up your automobile with these top-notch cleaning products for interiors and exteriors What price would you pay for a clean car? If you’re based in Dublin and you order a full valet of the interior and body, you’re looking at upwards of €80. If you do it yourself with the items featured in this

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Car Washes and Water Efficiency

The Ireland drought continues to worsen and some parts of the country are drier than they have been in decades. With ever-stricter water use restrictions being put into effect many laymen would think that car washes are probably going out of business. After all, car washes use hundreds of litres of water on each car,

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